Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG)

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a process of measuring electrical patterns near the surface of the scalp. When these patterns or “brainwaves” that reflect regional brain activities are digitized in a quantitative method and analyzed, they are referred to as QEEG.

The qEEG merely a visual analysis of an EEG that often can assist a trained clinician, like here at Flathead Chiropractic, in creating a better understanding of how a patient’s brain functions have been affected.

Brain Mapping

The analysis of a patient's qEEG is often referred to as “Brain Mapping”. This brain mapping from the patient’s brain patterns is processed as an algorithm and compared to a “normative” database of brain patterns. This non-invasive procedure safely measures brain function.

A brain mapping, along with full neurological examination, allows Dr. Borgardt the ability to observe the dynamic changes taking place throughout a patient's brain during cognitive processing tasks. This approach can be used to assist him in observing the regions of the brain that are not functioning efficiently.

Brain Mapping can:

  • Identify irregular brain wave patterns and regionalize them
  • Identify brain injuries
  • Indicate stress levels and localize them
  • Predict your response to some medications
  • Reveal regions of the brain not communicating efficiently