Car Accidents & Patient Facts

To anyone ever affected by an accident,

I believe it is crucial for you as a potential patient after an accident causing you a personal injury to know what is available to you. I have listened to many patients throughout my career that have flat out thought 'I am going to be fine'. Then, after they are in my office for problems directly connected to the accident, I have found another common observation; They were not aware of their rights afforded to them after these accidents. Please do not let these little thoughts become permeant acceptance.

Knowledge of anything is the first step to making sure you take care of yourself. Here are a couple of thoughts that will help you understand the importance of making an appointment after an accident:

  • Early diagnosis: Receiving a diagnosis and treatment after an accident early is important for you and your spine (study found here).
  • Chiropractic is best: On average 29% whiplash sufferers show improved outcomes using chiropractic treatments when compared to other methods (study found here).
  • An MRI is not the answer: A diagnosis in the vast majority of patients developing long-lasting pain after a whiplash injury, and early MRI scans do not predict prognosis (study found here).
  • Effective treatment strategies: Like the ones offered at Flathead Chiropractic are your best options for recovery (study found here).

If you think that your treatment should be medication, please think again. Pain medication specifically will only cover the symptoms of pain. Anti-inflammatory medication is not enough to help the soft tissues heal after a trauma caused an injury such as whiplash. Without getting proper care, this can provoke a vicious cycle of chronic pain that can end up creating advanced arthritis and many other disorders. We have had great experiences working with personal injury lawyers here in the Flathead Valley to get you back on track. Call our local office in Kalispell today, find out how to get yourself the help you deserve.


Joshua Borgardt, DC

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