Concussion Awareness Time | Flathead Chiropractic | Weekly Wakeup

Getting prepared as a parent for the upcoming sports year, also means getting educated about both sides of the spectrum when it comes to injuries. These injuries are just one of the many facets that you have to be aware of, especially traumatic brain injuries cause by a concussion, otherwise known as a ‘concussion’.

By the numbers here are the facts:

    • 300,000 sport-related concussion injuries occur in the United States annually.
    • Approximately 30% experience balance issues.
    • The rate of awareness of concussions does not fix the patient.
    • There are advanced adjective therapies that decrease the symptoms of most concussions.

Two mechanisms for balance disturbance have been proposed:

    1. Peripheral nerves being injured due to impact of local as well as chemotactic profession of inflammation.
    2. Sensory integration due to cellular neurologically protective elements that cause a cascade of damage structurally to central processing centers.

These type of injuries can play a major role in the short term recovery as well as the long term significance of an athletes life.

Find out how we at Flathead Chiropractic can help you with your recovery, healthier, happier and maybe even better than before.

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