Coffee & Diabetes

Quality coffee is an important part of any good morning ritual. Now researchers have found that it is playing an important role in warding off abnormal lipid levels, hyperglycemia, and excess body fat. A plethora of studies recently have connected drinking a cup of 'bean water' as my wife says, with an improved metabolism for glucose, insulin, and being responsible for a significantly reduced risk for diabetes. Researchers have started to connect the dots so to speak. Showing that coffee's inverse correlation with diabetes seems to be associated with its antioxidant and the anti-inflammatory properties. Through the mechanism of chlorogenic acid, thought to directly reduce glucose absorption.


  1. Coffee in relation to incident type 2 diabetes mellitus: a systematic review with meta-analysis:  2009 Dec 14;169(22):2053-63. doi: 10.1001/archinternmed.2009.439.

Coffee Update | Reducing the Risk of Strokes

Coffee is healthy, and it reduces the risk of strokes. There, I said it.

The consumption of coffee has now been associated with a 25% reduction in having a stroke. Thats right, a healthy cup of coffee. To think, nutrition does play a role in your life. [1]

The study specifies that the consumption is 1-6 cups of coffee a day, not a triple breve latte with two extra shots of huckleberry syrup. So please, don't take this as an excuse to give yourself diabetes.

On a personal note: I would like to thank everyone at Colter Coffee for knowing how to make it, knowing how to serve it, yet most of all just being the basic coffee snob. It makes me feel not so alone in the world.

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